Thats me in the middle

Yup, that would be me. Next to my dad (Who is 6 foot 1). That was taken out here where I live, in San Diego, the day before X-Mas in 1997. Nice weather.
If you would like to contact me for any reason I can be reached in the ways below.

My main e-mail address, is netforward, it automaticaly forwards to my hotmail address,
Also, I know AOL is totaly lame but I have AOL. My screen name is "TheReDBoX("
I usualy hang out in #TNet or #TetriNET on EFNet. or #TetriNET on Undernet.
My usual nicks are ReDBoX (Undernet) or ReDBoX`,{ReDBoX} (EFNet)
To find out a little about me, read below..

Just in case anyone wants to get to know me...

Name: Aaron Hall

Age: 13 (Thats right, 13)

Height: 5-11

D.O.B: 01/09/85

City: San Diego (Poway)

State: California

School: Twin Peaks Middle School

Phone #: No phone line, I use cable modems.

Company: ReDPages '98 Web Page Design

Handle: RDBX

Web Page URL:

Thats about it, oh ya ..and my cool friend sean.. if you have any questions/comments, e-mail me at one of my e-mail addresses above or find me on IRC.

This page has kicked ass times.