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F.A.Q Page

Welcome to my F.A.Q/Help Page. Here I will answer some of the many questions asked me. I hope you find what you need. To E-Mail me a question, click on "e-mail" on the left side bar.

What is TetriNET?
TetriNET is a game that runs through IP Servers in which you challenge people to games of tetris using special blocks and tetris startegies.
Where can I download TetriNET?
Just click download on the left sidebar..
How do I start a server?
Click on server settings at the bottom, fill in all the info and click Start Server. Other people can join by typing in your IP.
How do I find out what my IP is?
The easiest way is to go on mIRC and type "/dns YourNick"

Thats all the questions for now, if you have any questions, e-mail me I will post the answer here and e-mail you that it is here.
Remember, there are no stupid questions. Just stupid people.