This page is just a basic introduction to TetriNET And how to use it. First off you have to download it from my main page. Then I suggest that you go on mIRC and go to #TNET. If you dont have mIRC go to You need it, its better. Also an additional note, TetriNET only werks on AOL 32 bit. To find out what you have go to the top of your menu, click on help (Next to sign off) and then "About America Online" If it says AOL 3.0 for Windows 95, your fine. If it says AOL 3.0 for Windows. Your screwed. You need AOL 3.0 for Windows 95, Its better anyways. Go to keyword aol://1722:GET30. Once you have that and TetriNET you are ready to go. Below is how to play. I made this thinking only of AOL members. Just so you know it works with any good web service, if you can get on mIRC or IRCn you can play TetriNET, you dont need AOL. I had alot of questions about that one -=)

Before you can do shit you need to get an IP address to play at. I suggest IRCn or mIRC at #TetriNET. Someone will say something like, "!add 836.39.947.89" The 836.39.947.89 is the IP. Once in TetriNET click on "Client Settings". Enter an IP Number. Chose a Nick Name that suits you. And click connect. Watch the words "Partyline" in the bottom right. If they turn green, your in. Click Partyline. This is TetriNET IP Chat. Here you talk in between games. Talk to some of the people, tell them that you have never played before, (They *might* go easy on you). When you hear the music or you see it say in bold red letters "The Game Has Started" Click on "Show Field" in the bottom right corner. Thus, Your playing field. You are now in an official game of TetriNET. Learn more about the playing field and Special Blocks below.

The playing field is about the same as tetris if it was on crack. And best off you can edit it by visiting my themes page when I get it up. The big rectangle area is YOUR playing field. The little ones on the right are the other players. Your field is full on flow, you see it all. Their field is updated every two seconds, you get to see how they are doing. Very usefull in the game. This game is basicly like tetris. In fact it is tetris. Untill you get what we call "Special Blocks". Thats right what else what make a Tetris multiplayer game more fun besides weapons. Or defense tools. Usuauly when you clear a line you get 1 or 2 of the special blocks. It all depends on the server settings which I teach you about later. To obtain a special block, clear the line that has one. As you can see it has now been added to your inventory. Thats fine and dandy. But what does it do? Ahh my good friend look a little to the left. You see a Block Name. I describe what the blocks do and if you should use them on yourself or not below.

Ahh special blocks, the winning material of a game. 
Using a special block can turn the entire game around. 
To use a special hit the number of the player you wish to
use it on. To find out a plyers number take a moment to 
look for the number right next to their name. Here are the
list of special blocks, what they do, and if they are 
defensive or attack blocks. 
Note: *A* in front means Attack, *D* means defense
*A* The A Block, This block will add a line to the number you push
*D* The C Block, This Clears a line, I suggest to use on yourself..
*D* The N Block, "Mommy where did my blocks go??" This block 
clears EVERY single one of the little peckers cluttering up 
your screen. Very usefull on yourself.
*A* The R Block, This block removes 10 random blocks from the player
*A* The S Block, This is one of the most usefull blocks in the game.
It is the Switch Fields. Thats right, You get to switch 
blocks with any player. I suggest that you pile up your field
so that it is impossible to win and then switch with someone 
that has like 2 lines.
*A* The B Block, This removes all the guys specials. Dont 
do it to yourself Einstein.
*D* The G Block, This "gravity" block takes all the blocks 
on the field and "pulls" them all towards the bottom of 
the field eliminating any gaps in the blockstack.
*A* The Q Block, Block Quake! Hold on to your field! 
This shakes random blocks left and right at, well, random.
*A* The O Block, The hardest to understand block is the O, 
This block when used will take 3x3 blocks of the player and 
move them at random. What 3x3 blocks does it take? 
If the player has an O block on their field it takes 
all the blocks surrounding it. I suggest not 
using this on a friend...
This is all the special blocks. Also to get rid of a 
block you dont want, just push "D", this "Discards" The block, 
How clever...

That is about all you need to know about the game for now. Anything I left out I included in the zip under TetriNET.txt. Take the 20 mins to read it. It is very helpfull. If you need help mail me at