Please visit some of the places I have listed below..

WaR LoRD'z TetriNET Page
This is where I first learned about TetriNET. This is a great place that deserves a visit
Snooze'z TetriNET Page
This is a very nice site..
Pulpers TetriNET Page
Nice setup, better than mine
Nameless TetriNET Page
Another cool chat place
This has nothing to do with TetriNET But its cool
The Whiteboard
This is one of the coolest JavaScripts I have ever seen
The JavaScript Source

WinZip Now
E-Mail was meant to be free

If you want to link to my page use the HTML Code below.
<a href="" target ="new_window" alt ="ReDBoX'z TetriNET Page"> <img border=0 src=""></a>
It should look like this..