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Welcome to my page

This is not my page, it is my intro screen. When you want to go to my page, just click on main on the left. Below are my sponsors. You can click them and still have easy access to the page because I will open another window for you. Please visit my sponsers or at least click the ad. I get from 7 to 11 a click on these. Some like Link Exchange are just banner trades but click what you can. This page is only here because my page takes too long to load with the banners on it, due to new Java enhancements.
In my page, you can find Links to the most popular Tetrinet sites and some other cool places, The most popular tetrinet themes in an easy to read format, and many more things to help you get started on your gaming world in tetrinet or help you get better... Well, on to the sponsers, please click at least one. Maybe check out the page you dont have to, but watch out for link exchange I am getting reports that a "Hanson-Mart" ad is being displayed by them, dont click that, please.

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Thats it for the sponsors, please if you havent already click at least one of them, now if you want to go to my page click "Main" on the left frame next to the little dancing guy, enjoy my page, RDBX (ReDBoX@BioGate.com)
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