Plain old Tetris these days is boring. Mostly because of its apperance. It looks lame, no background, plain blocks. But TetriNET has the good idea of making *THEMES*. A TetriNET theme changes everything about the apperance in TetriNET. Even the sounds and music. So you guys dont get bored playing the regular old TetriNET, so here are some themes I have found on the net....

TetriNET Themes Updated 4/5/98

Download Name Creator
Download Beginners Theme RDBX
Download Descent Unknown
Download Diablo TNet Theme Unknown
Download Lemmings Unknown
Download Sonic the Hedgehog Unknown
Download Doom 95 Theme Unknown
Download Simpsons Theme #1 Unknown
Download Mission Impossible Unknown
Download Metalica Theme Unknown
Download TNet theme max pack Kenji
Download AciD Pro AciDREigN
Download Simpsons Theme #2 AciDREigN
Download Mega Man Theme ViddKidd
Download TetriNET EXPert Theme Zeddicus
Download TetriNET Zognet Theme Zoggy
Download Black Box thibor
Download HellRaiser Theme AciDREigN
Download Shaft Theme AciDREigN
Download Wu-Tang Theme AciDREigN

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